One Shots

Story CodeTitleIndexPages
W OS 9-02Finds Pirate Goldstory64
W OS 29-01The Mummy's Ringstory28
W OS 29-02The Hard Loserstory10
W OS 29-03Too Many PetsStory26
W OS 48-01Porky of the MountiesStory24
W OS 62-02Frozen GoldStory24
W OS 62-03Mystery of the SwampStory24
W OS 79-01The Riddle of the Red HatStory11
W OS 108-01The Terror of the River!!Story28
W OS 108-02The FirebugStory13
W OS 108-03Seals Are So Smart!Story10
W OS 147-01If the Hat Fitsgag1
W OS 147-02Volcano ValleyStory30
W OS 159-01The Ghost of the GrottoStory26
W OS 159-02Adventure Down UnderStory25
W OS 178-01Fashion in Flightgag1
W OS 178-02Christmas on Bear MountainStory20
W OS 178-04Turn for the Worsegag1
W OS 178-05Machine Mix-Upgag1
W OS 189-00The Old Castle's SecretCover1
W OS 189-01Bird Watchinggag1
W OS 189-02The Old Castle's SecretStory32
W OS 189-03Horseshoe Luckgag1
W OS 189-04Bean Takengag1
W OS 199-00Sheriff of Bullet ValleyCover1
W OS 199-01Sorry to be Safegag1
W OS 199-02Sheriff of Bullet ValleyStory32
W OS 199-03Best Laid Plansgag1
W OS 199-04The Genuine Articlegag1
W OS 203-00The Golden Christmas TreeCover1
W OS 203-01Jumping to Conclusionsgag1
W OS 203-02The Golden Christmas TreeStory20
W OS 203-04The True Testgag1
W OS 203-05Ornaments on the Waygag1
W OS 223-00Lost in the AndesCover1
W OS 223-01Too Fit to Fitgag1
W OS 223-02Lost In the Andes!Story32
W OS 223-03Tunnel Visiongag1
W OS 223-04Sleepy Sittersgag1
W OS 238-00 Voodoo HoodooCover1
W OS 238-01Slippery Shinegag1
W OS 238-02Voodoo HoodooStory32
W OS 238-03Fractious Fungag1
W OS 238-04King-Size Conegag1
W OS 256-00Luck of the NorthCover1
W OS 256-01Toasty Toysgag1
W OS 256-02Luck of the NorthStory32
W OS 256-03No Place to Hidegag1
W OS 256-04Tied-Down Toolsgag1
W OS 263-00Land of the Totem PolesCover1
W OS 263-01Noise Nullifiergag1
W OS 263-02Land of the Totem PolesStory24
W OS 263-03Trail of the UnicornStory24
W OS 263-04Matinee Madnessgag1
W OS 263-05A Fetching Pricegag1
W OS 275-00In Ancient PersiaCover1
W OS 275-02In Ancient PersiaStory24
W OS 282-00The Pixilated ParrotCover1
W OS 282-02The Pixilated ParrotStory22
W OS 291-02The Magic HourglassStory28
W OS 300-02Big-Top BedlamStory28
W OS 308-02Dangerous DisguiseStory28
W OS 318-02No Such VarmintStory28
W OS 328-02In Old California!Story28
W OS 348-00The Crocodile CollectorCover1
W OS 353-00Five PhotographsCover1
W OS 356-00Rags To RichesCover1
W OS 356-05Talking Parrotgag1
W OS 367-00 A Christmas For ShacktownCover1
W OS 367-01Treeing Offgag1
W OS 367-02A Christmas For ShacktownStory32
W OS 367-03Christmas Kissgag1
W OS 367-04Projecting Desiresgag1
W OS 386-00Rowing on Lake of MoneyCover1
W OS 386-01Osogood Silver polishgag1
W OS 386-02Only A Poor Old ManStory32
W OS 386-03Coffee for Twogag1
W OS 386-04Soupline Eightgag1
W OS 394-00MalayalayaCover1
W OS 408-00The Golden HelmetCover1
W OS 408-01Full-Service Windowsgag1
W OS 408-02The Golden HelmetStory32
W OS 408-03Rigged-Up Rollergag1
W OS 408-04Awash in Successgag1
W OS 422-00The Gilded ManCover1
W OS 422-01Stable Pricesgag1
W OS 422-02The Gilded ManStory32
W OS 422-03Armored Rescuegag1
W OS 422-04Crafty Cornergag1
W OS 450-00Donald Duck Cover1
W OS 456-00 Uncle Scrooge Cover1
W OS 456-01Fare Delaygag1
W OS 456-02Back to the KlondikeStory27
W OS 456-03Somethin' Fishy HereStory5
W OS 456-04The Money Laddergag1
W OS 456-05The Checker Gamegag1
W OS 495-00 Uncle ScroogeCover1
W OS 495-01Barber Collegegag1
W OS 495-02The Horseradish StoryStory22
W OS 495-03The Round Money BinStory10
W OS 495-04Uncle Scrooge gag1
W OS 495-05Uncle Scrooge gag1
W OS 1010-01The Flying Farm HandStory8
W OS 1010-02A Honey of a HenStory7
W OS 1010-03The Weather WatchersStory7
W OS 1010-04The Sheepish CowboysStory6 7/8
W OS 1025-02 Mastering the MatterhornStory8
W OS 1025-03Trail TycoonStory6
W OS 1025-05On the Dream PlanetStory6
W OS 1047-00Feets Don't Fail Me NowCover1
W OS 1047-01Gyro's Workshopillustration1
W OS 1047-02The Gab-MufferStory10
W OS 1047-03The Stubborn StorkStory8
W OS 1047-04Milktime MelodiesStory7
W OS 1047-05The Lost Rabbit FootStory6 7/8
W OS 1047-06The Bird Cameragag1
W OS 1047-07The Odd Ordergag1
W OS 1055-01Daisy's Dazed Daysillustration1
W OS 1055-02The LibrarianStory6
W OS 1055-03The Double DateStory5
W OS 1055-04The TV BabysitterStory6
W OS 1055-05Donald's PartyStory7
W OS 1055-06The Beauty QueenStory7
W OS 1055-07Tight Shoesgag1
W OS 1055-08The Framed Mirrorgag1
W OS 1055-09The New Girlgag1

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