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Story CodeTitleIndexPages
W WDC 31-05The Victory GardenStory10
W WDC 32-02 The Rabbit's FootStory10
W WDC 33-01Lifeguard DazeStory10
W WDC 34-01Good DeedsStory10
W WDC 35-01The Limber W Guest RanchStory10
W WDC 36-01The Mighty TrapperStory10
W WDC 38-02Good NeighborsStory10
W WDC 39-01Salesman DonaldStory10
W WDC 40-01 Snow FunStory10
W WDC 41-01The Duck in the Iron PantsStory10
W WDC 42-02Kite WeatherStory7
W WDC 43-02Three Dirty Little DucksStory10
W WDC 44-02The Mad ChemistStory10
W WDC 45-02 Rival BoatmenStory10
W WDC 46-02Camera CrazyStory10
W WDC 47-02Farragut the FalconStory10
W WDC 48-02 The Purloined PuttyStory10
W WDC 49-02High-wire DaredevilsStory10
W WDC 50-02Ten Cents' Worth of TroubleStory10
W WDC 51-02 Donald's Bay LotStory10
W WDC 52-02Thievery AfootStory10
W WDC 53-02 The Tramp SteamerStory10
W WDC 54-02 The Long Race to PumpkinburgStory10
W WDC 55-02Webfooted WranglerStory10
W WDC 56-02The Icebox RobberStory10
W WDC 57-02Pecking OrderStory10
W WDC 58-02 Taming the RapidsStory10
W WDC 59-01 Days at the Lazy KStory8
W WDC 60-02Eyes in the DarkStory10
W WDC 61-02Thug BustersStory10
W WDC 62-02The Great Ski RaceStory10
W WDC 63-02 Ten-Dollar DitherStory10
W WDC 64-02 Donald Tames His TemperStory10
W WDC 65-02Singapore JoeStory10
W WDC 66-02Master Ice-FisherStory10
W WDC 67-02Jet RescueStory10
W WDC 68-02 Donald's Monster KiteStory10
W WDC 69-02Biceps BluesStory10
W WDC 70-02 The Smugsnorkle SquattieStory10
W WDC 71-02Swimming SwindlersStory10
W WDC 72-02Playin' HookeyStory10
W WDC 73-02 The Gold-FinderStory10
W WDC 74-01The Tax-CollectorsStory10
W WDC 75-01Turkey TroubleStory10
W WDC 76-02 The Cantankerous CatStory10
W WDC 77-02Going BuggyStory10
W WDC 78-02 Jam RobbersStory10
W WDC 79-02Picnic TricksStory10
W WDC 80-02 Donald's Posy PatchStory10
W WDC 81-02Donald Mines His Own BusinessStory10
W WDC 82-02Magical MiseryStory10
W WDC 83-02Vacation TimeStory10
W WDC 84-02The Waltz KingStory10
W WDC 85-02The Masters of MelodyStory10
W WDC 86-02Fireman DonaldStory10
W WDC 87-02The Terrible TurkeyStory10
W WDC 88-02Wintertime WagerStory10
W WDC 89-02Watching the WatchmanStory10
W WDC 90-02WiredStory10
W WDC 91-02Going ApeStory10
W WDC 92-02Spoil the RodStory10
W WDC 93-02Rocket Race to the MoonStory10
W WDC 94-02Donald of the Coast PatrolStory10
W WDC 95-00Donald Duck Cover1
W WDC 95-02Gladstone ReturnsStory10
W WDC 96-00Donald Duck Cover1
W WDC 96-02Links HijinksStory10
W WDC 97-02Pearls of WisdomStory10
W WDC 98-02Foxy RelationsStory10
W WDC 99-02The Crazy Quiz ShowStory10
W WDC 100-02Truant Officer DonaldStory10
W WDC 101-02DD's Worst NightmareStory10
W WDC 102-02Pizen Spring Dude RanchStory10
W WDC 103-02Rival BeachcombersStory10
W WDC 104-00 State LineCover1
W WDC 104-02The Sunken YachtStory10
W WDC 105-02 Managing the Echo SystemStory10
W WDC 106-02 Plenty of PetsStory10
W WDC 107-02 Super SnooperStory10
W WDC 108-00Sailing the Spanish MainCover1
W WDC 108-02 The Great Duckburg Frog-Jumping ContestStory10
W WDC 109-00Donald Duck Cover1
W WDC 109-02Dowsing DucksStory10
W WDC 110-02 The Goldilocks GambitStory10
W WDC 111-02 Donald's Love LettersStory10
W WDC 112-02Rip Van DonaldStory10
W WDC 114-02Serum to Codfish CoveStory10
W WDC 117-02Wild About FlowersStory10
W WDC 124-02Billions to Sneeze AtStory10
W WDC 125-02Operation St. BernardStory10
W WDC 126-02A Financial FableStory10
W WDC 127-02The April FoolersStory10
W WDC 128-02Knightly RivalsStory10
W WDC 129-02Pool SharksStory10
W WDC 130-00Donald DuckCover1
W WDC 130-02The Trouble With DimesStory10
W WDC 131-00 Donald Duck Cover1
W WDC 131-02Gladstone's LuckStory10
W WDC 132-00Do Not Pick FlowersCover1
W WDC 132-02Ten-Star GeneralsStory10
W WDC 132-04Grandma Duck Story8
W WDC 133-00 Donald Duck Cover1
W WDC 133-02The Truant NephewsStory10
W WDC 134-00Donald Duck Cover1
W WDC 134-02Terror of the Beagle BoysStory10
W WDC 135-00Donald Duck Cover1
W WDC 135-02The Big Bin on Killmotor HillStory10
W WDC 136-00Donald DuckCover1
W WDC 136-02Gladstone's Usual Very Good YearStory10
W WDC 137-00Donald Duck Cover1
W WDC 137-02The Screaming CowboyStory10
W WDC 138-00Donald Duck Cover1
W WDC 138-02Statuesque SpendthriftsStory10
W WDC 139-00 Donald DuckCover1
W WDC 139-02Rocket Wing Saves the DayStory10
W WDC 140-00Flubbity Dubbity DufferCover1
W WDC 140-02Gladstone's Terrible SecretStory10
W WDC 141-00 Donald Duck Cover1
W WDC 141-02The Think Box BollixStory10
W WDC 142-00Donald Duck Cover1
W WDC 142-02Houseboat HolidayStory10
W WDC 143-00Donald Duck Cover1
W WDC 143-01Gemstone HuntersStory10
W WDC 144-00Donald Duck Cover1
W WDC 144-01Spending MoneyStory10
W WDC 145-00Donald Duck Cover1
W WDC 145-01The Hypno-GunStory10
W WDC 146-00Donald DuckCover1
W WDC 146-01OmeletStory10
W WDC 147-00Donald Duck Cover1
W WDC 147-02A Charitable ChoreStory10
W WDC 148-00 Donald Duck Cover1
W WDC 148-02Turkey with All the SchemingsStory10
W WDC 149-00Donald Duck Cover1
W WDC 149-01Flip DecisionStory10
W WDC 150-00Donald Duck Cover1
W WDC 150-01My Lucky ValentineStory10
W WDC 151-00Donald DuckCover1
W WDC 151-01The Easter ElectionStory10
W WDC 152-00Donald Duck Cover1
W WDC 152-01The Talking DogStory10
W WDC 153-00Donald DuckCover1
W WDC 153-01Worm WearyStory10
W WDC 154-00Donald DuckCover1
W WDC 154-01Much Ado About Quackly HallStory10
W WDC 155-00Huey Dewey and Louie Cover1
W WDC 155-01Some Heir Over the RainbowStory10
W WDC 156-00Donald DuckCover1
W WDC 156-01The Master RainmakerStory10
W WDC 157-00Donald DuckCover1
W WDC 157-01The Money StairsStory10
W WDC 158-00 Donald DuckCover1
W WDC 158-01Bee BumblesStory10
W WDC 159-00 Donald DuckCover1
W WDC 159-01Wispy WillieStory10
W WDC 160-00 Donald DuckCover1
W WDC 160-01The Hammy CamelStory10
W WDC 161-00Donald DuckCover1
W WDC 161-01Fix-up Mix-upStory10
W WDC 162-00 Donald DuckCover1
W WDC 162-01Turkey Trot at One WhistleStory10
W WDC 163-00Donald DuckCover1
W WDC 163-01Raffle ReversalStory10
W WDC 164-00 Donald DuckCover1
W WDC 164-01Flour FolliesStory10
W WDC 165-00Donald DuckCover1
W WDC 165-01The Price of FameStory10
W WDC 166-00Donald DuckCover1
W WDC 166-01Midgets MadnessStory10
W WDC 167-00Donald DuckCover1
W WDC 167-01Salmon DerbyStory10
W WDC 168-00Donald Duck Cover1
W WDC 168-01Cheltenham's ChoiceStory10
W WDC 169-00 Donald Duck Cover1
W WDC 169-03Travelling TruantsStory10
W WDC 170-00 Donald DuckCover1
W WDC 170-03Rants About AntsStory10
W WDC 171-00Donald Duck Cover1
W WDC 171-03Too Safe SafeStory10
W WDC 172-00 Donald Duck Cover1
W WDC 172-01Search for the CuspidoriaStory10
W WDC 173-00 Donald DuckCover1
W WDC 173-02New Year's RevolutionsStory10
W WDC 174-00Donald DuckCover1
W WDC 174-02Iceboat to Beaver IslandStory10
W WDC 175-00Donald Duck Cover1
W WDC 175-01The Daffy Taffy PullStory10
W WDC 176-00Donald Duck Cover1
W WDC 176-02The Ghost Sheriff of Last GaspStory10
W WDC 177-00Donald Duck Cover1
W WDC 177-01A Descent IntervalStory10
W WDC 178-00Donald Duck Cover1
W WDC 178-02Donald's Raucous RoleStory10
W WDC 179-02Good Canoes and Bad CanoesStory10
W WDC 180-01Trouble IndemnityStory10
W WDC 181-01The Chickadee ChallengeStory10
W WDC 182-01The Unorthodox OxStory10
W WDC 183-00Donald Duck Cover1
W WDC 183-01The Custard GunStory10
W WDC 184-01Three Un-DucksStory10
W WDC 185-02Secret ResolutionsStory10
W WDC 186-02The Ice TaxisStory10
W WDC 187-01Searching for a SuccessorStory10
W WDC 188-01The Olympic HopefulStory10
W WDC 189-01Gopher Goof-UpsStory10
W WDC 190-01In the SwimStory10
W WDC 191-01Camping ConfusionStory10
W WDC 192-01The MasterStory10
W WDC 193-01A Whale of a StoryStory10
W WDC 194-01Smoke Writer in the SkyStory10
W WDC 195-01The Runaway TrainStory10
W WDC 196-02Statues of LimitationsStory10
W WDC 197-02Borderline HeroStory10
W WDC 198-00Donald Duck Cover1
W WDC 198-02Knight in Shining ArmorStory10
W WDC 199-00Donald Duck Cover1
W WDC 199-01Gyro's Imagination InventionStory10
W WDC 200-00Donald DuckCover1
W WDC 200-01Donald's Pet ServiceStory10
W WDC 201-01The Day Duckburg Got DyedStory10
W WDC 202-01In Kakimaw countryStory10
W WDC 203-01Special DeliveryStory10
W WDC 204-00Donald DuckCover1
W WDC 204-01Losing FaceStory10
W WDC 205-01Red Apple SapStory10
W WDC 206-00Donald Duck Cover1
W WDC 206-02Sagmore Springs HotelStory10
W WDC 207-00Donald Duck Cover1
W WDC 207-01The Tenderfoot TrapStory10
W WDC 208-00Donald Duck Cover1
W WDC 208-01The Code of DuckburgStory10
W WDC 209-00Donald Duck Cover1
W WDC 209-02The Persistent PostmanStory10
W WDC 210-02The Half-Baked BakerStory10
W WDC 211-01 Wishing Stone IslandStory10
W WDC 212-00 Donald Duck Cover1
W WDC 212-02Rocket Race Around the WorldStory10
W WDC 213-00Donald DuckCover1
W WDC 213-01Dodging Miss DaisyStory10
W WDC 214-00Donald DuckCover1
W WDC 214-01Fearsome FlowersStory10
W WDC 215-00Donald DuckCover1
W WDC 215-01Mocking Bird RidgeStory10
W WDC 216-00Donald Duck Cover1
W WDC 216-02Old Froggie CatapultStory10
W WDC 217-01Dramatic DonaldStory10
W WDC 218-00Donald Duck Cover1
W WDC 218-01Noble PorpoisesStory10
W WDC 219-01 The Littlest Chicken ThiefStory10
W WDC 220-00Donald DuckCover1
W WDC 220-01Rocket-Roasted Christmas TurkeyStory10
W WDC 221-01Tracking SandyStory10
W WDC 222-01The Master MoverStory10
W WDC 223-01Spring FeverStory10
W WDC 224-01The Beachcombers' PicnicStory10
W WDC 225-01The Lovelorn FiremanStory10
W WDC 226-00Donald Duck Cover1
W WDC 226-01The Floating IslandStory10
W WDC 227-01The Black Forest RescueStory10
W WDC 228-00Donald Duck Cover1
W WDC 228-01No Rest for the RescuedStory10
W WDC 229-00 Donald DuckCover1
W WDC 229-01The Good DeedsStory10
W WDC 230-00Donald Duck Cover1
W WDC 230-01Black WednesdayStory10
W WDC 231-00Donald Duck Cover1
W WDC 231-01The Wax MuseumStory10
W WDC 232-00Donald DuckCover1
W WDC 232-01Under the Polar IceStory10
W WDC 233-00Donald DuckCover1
W WDC 233-01Knights of the Flying SledsStory10
W WDC 234-01Riding the Pony ExpressStory10
W WDC 235-00Donald DuckCover1
W WDC 235-02Want To Buy An Island?Story10
W WDC 236-00Donald DuckCover1
W WDC 236-01Froggy FarmerStory10
W WDC 237-00Donald DuckCover1
W WDC 237-01Mystery of the LochStory10
W WDC 238-00Donald DuckCover1
W WDC 238-01The Dog-sitterStory10
W WDC 239-01The Village BlacksmithStory10
W WDC 240-00 Donald DuckCover1
W WDC 240-01The Fraidy FalconStory10
W WDC 241-00Donald Duck Cover1
W WDC 241-01Rocks to RichesStory10
W WDC 242-00Donald Duck Cover1
W WDC 242-01BalloonaticsStory10
W WDC 243-00Donald Duck Cover1
W WDC 243-01Turkey TroubleStory10
W WDC 244-01 Missile FizzleStory10
W WDC 245-01 Sitting HighStory10
W WDC 246-01 Lost FrontierStory10
W WDC 247-00Donald Duck Cover1
W WDC 247-01The Madcap MarinerStory9
W WDC 248-01 Terrible TouristStory10
W WDC 249-01 Stranger than FictionStory9
W WDC 250-00Donald Duck Cover1
W WDC 250-01Boxed-InStory10
W WDC 251-01Duck LuckStory10
W WDC 252-01Mr. Private EyeStory10
W WDC 253-00Donald Duck Cover1
W WDC 253-01Hound HounderStory10
W WDC 254-01Jet WitchStory10
W WDC 255-01Boat BusterStory10
W WDC 256-00 Donald Duck Cover1
W WDC 256-01Northeaster on Cape QuackStory10
W WDC 257-02Movie MadStory10
W WDC 258-01Ten-Cent ValentineStory10
W WDC 259-01Jungle BungleStory10
W WDC 260-00 Donald Duck Cover1
W WDC 260-02Merry FerryStory10
W WDC 261-00 Donald Duck Cover1
W WDC 261-01Medaling AroundStory10
W WDC 262-02Way Out YonderStory10
W WDC 262-08Rags To RichesGag1/2
W WDC 263-01The Candy KidStory10
W WDC 264-01Master WreckerStory10
W WDC 265-02Raven MadStory10
W WDC 266-02Stalwart RangerStory10
W WDC 267-02Log JockeyStory10
W WDC 268-02Christmas CheersStory10
W WDC 269-02A Matter of FactoryStory10
W WDC 270-01The Jinxed Jalopy RaceStory10
W WDC 271-01A Stone's Throw From Ghost TownStory10
W WDC 272-01Spare That HairStory10
W WDC 273-01A Duck's-eye View of EuropeStory10
W WDC 274-01Gall of the WildStory10
W WDC 275-01Zero HeroStory10
W WDC 276-00ABeach BoyCover1/4
W WDC 276-02Beach BoyStory10
W WDC 277-00AThe Duckburg Pet ParadeCover2/3
W WDC 277-01The Duckburg Pet ParadeStory10
W WDC 278-00AHave Gun, Will DanceCover2/3
W WDC 278-02Have Gun, Will DanceStory10
W WDC 279-00AOnce Upon A CarnivalCover1/2
W WDC 279-01Once Upon A CarnivalStory10
W WDC 280-00ADouble MasqueradeCover1/4
W WDC 280-03Double MasqueradeStory10
W WDC 281-00AFeud and Far BetweenCover1/2
W WDC 281-00BWitch for a DayCover1/4
W WDC 281-02Feud and Far BetweenStory10
W WDC 282-00ABubbleweight ChampCover1/2
W WDC 282-00BThe Amazing Madam Mim Meets the Beagle BoysCover1/2
W WDC 282-01Bubbleweight ChampStory10
W WDC 283-00ACap'n Blight's Mystery ShipCover1/2
W WDC 283-01Cap'n Blight's Mystery ShipStory10
W WDC 286-01The Olympian Torch BearerStory10
W WDC 288-00 Hero Of The DikeCover1
W WDC 288-01Hero Of The DikeStory10
W WDC 289-00AUnfriendly EnemiesCover1/2
W WDC 289-02Unfriendly EnemiesStory10
W WDC 290-00 Donald Duck Cover1
W WDC 291-00Donald Duck Cover1
W WDC 291-01Delivery DilemmaStory10
W WDC 292-00Donald Duck Cover1
W WDC 292-01Instant HerculesStory10
W WDC 294-01Duck Out Of LuckStory10
W WDC 295-00Timber TycoonCover1
W WDC 296-00Donald DuckCover1
W WDC 297-00Donald Duck Cover1
W WDC 297-01Monkey BusinessStory10
W WDC 297-07Million-Dollar ShowerGag1
W WDC 298-00Donald Duck Cover1
W WDC 301-00Donald Duck Cover1
W WDC 303-00Donald Duck Cover1
W WDC 304-00 Donald Duck Cover1
W WDC 306-00Donald Duck Cover1
W WDC 307-00Donald Duck Cover1
W WDC 308-06 The Beauty BusinessStory10
W WDC 309-00 Skateboard A-Boo-BooCover1
W WDC 310-00BLittle Miss MuscleCover1/2
W WDC 312-01 The Not-so-Ancient MarinerStory10
W WDC 313-00Playing xylophone on helmetsCover1
W WDC 314-00Donald and Daisy Cover1
W WDC 315-00Donald Duck Cover1
W WDC 316-00 Donald DuckCover1
W WDC 319-00Donald DuckCover1
W WDC 321-00Donald Duck Cover1
W WDC 322-00Donald Duck Cover1
W WDC 324-00Donald Duck Cover1
W WDC 326-00 Donald Duck Cover1
W WDC 328-00Donald Duck Cover1
W WDC 329-00Donald Duck Cover1
W WDC 331-00Donald Duck Cover1
W WDC 332-00Donald Duck Cover1
W WDC 334-00 Donald Duck Cover1
W WDC 341-00Donald Duck Cover1
W WDC 342-00 Donald Duck Cover1
W WDC 350-00Donald Duck Cover1
W WDC 351-00Donald Duck Cover1
W WDC 355-07Head-scratching machineCover2
W WDC 357-07Uncle Scrooge Cover2
W WDC 405-00Donald Duck Cover1
W WDC 540-00Donald Duck Cover1
W WDC 550-01 The MilkmanStory10
W WDC 597-00 Donald Duck Cover1
W WDC 608-00 Christmas on Bear MountainCover1

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