Uncle Scrooge

Story CodeTitleIndexPages
us0004-00Uncle Scrooge Cover1
us0004-01Ballet EvasionsGag1
us0004-02The Menehune MysteryStory32
us0004-03The Cheapest WeighGag1
us0004-04Bum SteerGag1
us0005-00Uncle Scrooge Cover1
us0005-01Hospitality WeekGag1
us0005-02The Secret of AtlantisStory32
us0005-03McDuck takes a diveGag1
us0005-04Slippery SipperGag1
us0006-00Uncle Scrooge Cover1
us0006-01Oil the NewsGag1
us0006-02Tralla LaStory22
us0006-03Outfoxed FoxStory10
us0006-04Dig it!Gag1
us0006-05Mental FeeGag1
us0007-00Uncle ScroogeCover1
us0007-01Temper TamperingGag1
us0007-02The Seven Cities of CibolaStory28
us0007-03Billion Dollar PigeonStory4
us0007-04Wrong NumberGag1
us0007-05Diner DilemmaGag1
us0008-00Uncle Scrooge Cover1
us0008-01Cash on the BrainGag1
us0008-02The Mysterious Stone RayStory28
us0008-03A Campaign of NoteStory4
us0008-04Classy Taxi!Gag1
us0008-05Blanket InvestmentGag1
us0009-00Uncle ScroogeCover1
us0009-01Easy MowingGag1
us0009-02The Lemming with the LocketStory22
us0009-03The Tuckered TigerStory9 3/4
us0009-04Ski Lift LetdownGag1
us0009-05Cast of ThousandsGag1
us0010-00Uncle ScroogeCover1
us0010-01Deep DecisionGag1
us0010-02The Fabulous Philosopher's StoneStory24
us0010-03Heirloom WatchStory8
us0010-04Smash SuccessGag1
us0011-00Uncle ScroogeCover1
us0011-01The Great Steamboat RaceStory16
us0011-02Riches, Riches, Everywhere!Story16
us0011-03Come as You areGag1
us0011-04Roundabout HandoutGag1
us0012-00 Uncle ScroogeCover1
us0012-01Watt an OccasionGag1
us0012-02The Golden FleecingStory31 7/8
us0012-03Doughnut DareGag1
us0012-04A Sweat DealGag1
us0013-00Uncle ScroogeCover1
us0013-01The Art of SecurityGag1
us0013-02Land Beneath the Ground!Story27
us0013-04Trapped LightningStory4
us0013-05Fashion ForecastGag1
us0013-06Uncle ScroogeGag7/8
us0014-00Uncle ScroogeCover1
us0014-01Luncheon LamentGag1
us0014-02The Lost Crown of Genghis KhanStory19
us0014-03Inventor of AnythingStory4
us0014-05Faulty FortuneStory7 3/4
us0014-06Gold RushGag1
us0014-07Fireflies are FreeGag1
us0015-00Uncle Scrooge Cover1
us0015-01Buffo or BustGag1
us0015-02The Second-richest DuckStory20
us0015-03The Cat BoxStory4
us0015-05Migrating MillionsStory6 3/4
us0015-06Pound for SoundGag1
us0016-00Uncle Scrooge Cover1
us0016-01Fertile AssetsGag1
us0016-02Back To Long Ago!Story21
us0016-03Forecasting FolliesStory4
us0016-05The Colossalest Surprise Quiz ShowStory5 3/4
us0016-06Backyard BonanzaGag1
us0016-07Uncle Scrooge Cover1
us0017-00Uncle Scrooge Cover1
us0017-01Early to BuildGag1
us0017-02A Cold BargainStory26 3/4
us0017-04Fishing MysteryStory4
us0017-05The Eyes Have ItGag1
us0017-06China Shop ShakeupGag1
us0018-00Uncle Scrooge Cover1
us0018-01Net WorthGag1
us0018-02Land of the Pygmy IndiansStory27
us0018-04The Sure-Fire Gold FinderStory4
us0018-05Relative ReactionGag7/8
us0019-00Uncle ScroogeCover
us0019-01History TossedGag1
us0019-02The Mines of King SolomonStory27
us0019-04Gyro Builds a Better HouseStory4
us0020-00Uncle Scrooge Cover1
us0020-01City of Golden RoofsStory26
us0020-03Roscoe the RobotStory4
us0020-04Rescue EnhancementGag1
us0021-00Uncle ScroogeCover
us0021-01Windfall of the MindGag1
us0021-02The Money WellStory26
us0021-04Getting ThorStory3 3/4
us0021-05Dogged DeterminationGag3/4
us0021-06Forgotten PrecautionGag1
us0022-00 Uncle Scrooge Cover1
us0022-01Going to PiecesGag1
us0022-02The Golden RiverStory26
us0022-04The Know-It-All MachineStory4
us0022-05High RiderGag1
us0022-06That Sinking FeelingGag1
us0023-00Uncle ScroogeCover1
us0023-01Moola on the MoveGag1
us0023-02The Strange ShipwrecksStory21
us0023-03Gyro Goes for a DipStory4
us0023-05The Fabulous TycoonStory5
us0023-06All Choked UpGag5/8
us0023-07Lights OutGag1
us0024-00Uncle ScroogeCover1
us0024-01The Twenty-four Carat MoonStory20
us0024-02The House on Cyclone HillStory4
us0024-04The Magic InkStory6
us0025-00Uncle ScroogeCover1
us0025-01Immovable MiserGag1
us0025-02The Flying DutchmanStory20
us0025-03The Wishing WellStory4
us0025-05Pyramid SchemeStory5 3/4
us0025-06Bill WindGag1
us0025-07News from AfarGag3/8
us0026-00Uncle ScroogeCover1
us0026-01The Prize of PizarroStory20
us0026-02Krankenstein GyroStory4
us0026-04Return To Pizen BluffStory6
us0027-00Uncle Scrooge Cover1
us0027-01The Money ChampStory22
us0027-02The Firefly TrackerStory4
us0027-04His Handy AndyStory4
us0027-05Crawls For CashGag3/8
us0028-00Uncle ScroogeCover1
us0028-01The Paul Bunyan MachineStory21
us0028-02The Inventors' ContestStory4
us0028-04The Witching StickStory4
us0028-05The Money HatGag1
us0029-00Uncle Scrooge Cover1
us0029-01Island in the SkyStory18
us0029-02Oodles of OomphStory4
us0029-04Hound of the WhiskervillesStory7 3/4
us0030-00Uncle ScroogeCover1
us0030-01Pipeline to DangerStory17
us0030-02War PaintStory4
us0030-04Yoicks! The Fox!Story9
us0031-00Uncle Scrooge Cover1
us0031-01All At SeaStory17
us0031-02Fishy WardenStory4
us0031-04Two-Way LuckStory9
us0031-05The Secret BookGag1
us0031-06The Balmy SwamiGag1
us0032-00Uncle Scrooge Cover1
us0032-01That's No Fable!Story18
us0032-02That Small FeelingStory4
us0032-04Clothes Make the DuckStory7 1/2
us0032-05The Homey TouchGag1/2
us0032-06A Thrift GiftGag1
us0033-00Uncle Scrooge Cover1
us0033-01Tree TrickGag1
us0033-02Billions in the HoleStory16
us0033-03You can't winStory4
us0033-05Bongo on the CongoStory10
us0033-06The Big BobberGag3/4
us0033-07Thumbs UpGag1
us0034-00Uncle Scrooge Cover1
us0034-01Mythtic MysteryStory14
us0034-02Wily RivalStory4
us0034-04DerbyStory9 3/4
us0035-00Uncle ScroogeCover1
us0035-02The Golden Nugget BoaStory19
us0035-04Fast Away CastawayStory4
us0035-05Gift LionStory4
us0036-00Uncle Scrooge Cover1
us0036-01The Midas TouchStory17
us0036-02Duckburg's Day of PerilStory4
us0036-04Money Bag GoatStory6
us0037-00Uncle Scrooge Cover1
us0037-01The Windy StoryGag1
us0037-02Cave of Ali BabaStory16
us0037-04The Great Pop UpStory4
us0037-05Deep Down DoingsStory9
us0038-01Monkey BusinessGag1
us0038-02The Unsafe SafeStory19
us0038-04Madcap InventorsStory3 3/4
us0038-05Much Luck McDuckStory7
us0038-06Collection DayGag1/2
us0038-07Seeing is BelievingGag1
us0039-00Uncle Scrooge Cover1
us0039-01Getting the BirdGag1
us0039-02A Spicy TaleStory18
us0039-04Finny FunStory4
us0039-05Tricky ExperimentStory8
us0039-06Art AppreciationGag1/2
us0039-07Nest Egg CollectorGag1
us0040-00Uncle ScroogeCover1
us0040-02Oddball OdysseyStory19
us0040-04Posthasty PostmanStory4
us0041-02The Status SeekerStory20
us0041-04Snow DusterStory4
us0042-01Dueling TycoonsGag1
us0042-02The Case of the Sticky MoneyStory20
us0042-05Wishful ExcessGag1
us0042-07Sidewalk of the MindGag1
us0043-00Uncle Scrooge Cover1
us0043-01For Old Dime's SakeStory18
us0044-00Uncle ScroogeCover1
us0044-01Crown of the MayasStory21
us0044-04The Invisible IntruderStory6
us0045-00 Isle of Golden GeeseCover1
us0045-01aUncle Scrooge text1
us0045-01b Isle of Golden GeeseStory23
us0045-04The Travel TightwadStory4
us0046-00Lost Beneath the Sea!Cover1
us0046-01Lost Beneath the SeaStory20
us0046-03A Helper's Helping HandStory4
us0046-04The Lemonade FlingStory5
us0046-05Fireman ScroogeGag1
us0047-00The Thrifty SpendthriftCover1
us0047-01The Thrifty SpendthriftStory20
us0047-03Man Versus MachineStory4
us0047-05No BargainGag1
us0047-06Up and At ItGag1
us0048-00The Many Faces of Magica de SpellCover1
us0048-01The Many Faces of Magica de SpellStory22
us0048-03Jonah GyroStory4
us0049-00 The Loony Lunar Gold RushCover1
us0049-01The Loony Lunar Gold RushStory17
us0050-00 Rug Riders in the SkyCover1
us0050-01Rug Riders in the SkyStory16
us0051-00How green was my lettuceCover1
us0051-01How green was my lettuceStory15
us0052-00The Great Wig MysteryCover1
us0052-01The Great Wig MysteryStory20
us0053-00Interplanetary PostmanCover1
us0053-01Interplanetary PostmanStory15
us0054-00The Billion-Dollar SafariCover1
us0054-01The Billion-Dollar SafariStory20
us0054-04Saved by the Bag!Gag1
us0054-06Flowers Are FlowersGag1
us0055-00 McDuck of ArabiaCover1
us0055-01McDuck of ArabiaStory24
us0055-04Ticking DetectorGag1
us0056-00Mystery of the Ghost Town RailroadCover1
us0056-01Ghost talk spooken hereillustration1
us0056-02Mystery of the Ghost Town RailroadStory24
us0057-00The Swamp of No ReturnCover1
us0057-01The Bigger the BeggarGag1
us0057-02The Swamp of No ReturnStory24
us0057-04The Lock OutGag1
us0057-06Plummeting with PrecisionGag1
us0057-07Snake TakeGag1
us0058-00The Giant Robot RobbersCover1
us0058-02The Giant Robot RobbersStory20
us0058-03Laundry for LessGag1
us0058-07Long Distance CollisionGag1
us0059-00North of the YukonCover1
us0059-01North of the YukonStory24
us0060-00The Phantom of Notre DuckCover1
us0060-01The Phantom of Notre DuckStory24
us0061-00 So Far and No SafariCover1
us0061-01Wasted WordsGag1
us0061-02So Far and No SafariStory24
us0061-03Down for the CountGag1
us0061-06Wasted WordsTop WagesGag1
us0061-07It Happened One WinterGag1
us0062-00The Queen of the Wild Dog Pack!Cover1
us0062-02The Queen of the Wild Dog Pack!Story24
us0063-00House of Haunts!Cover1
us0063-02House of Haunts!Story24
us0064-00Treasure of Marco PoloCover1
us0064-02Treasure of Marco PoloStory24
us0065-00Micro-Ducks from Outer Space!Cover1
us0065-01Micro-Ducks from Outer Space!Story24
us0066-00The Heedless HorsemanCover1
us0066-02The Heedless HorsemanStory24
us0068-00Hall of the Mermaid Queen!Cover1
us0068-02Hall of the Mermaid Queen!Story24
us0069-00The Cattle King!Cover1
us0069-02The Cattle King!Story24
us0070-00The Doom DiamondCover1
us0070-02The Doom DiamondStory24
us0071-00King Scrooge the First!Cover1
us0071-01King Scrooge the First!Story24
us0135-00Money Under HatCover1
us0144-00Organ Monkey and Large CupCover1
us0210-00McDuck's Soup CrackersCover1
us0216-01Go Slowly, Sands Of TimeStory10
us0229-00Ye Olde Wishing WellCover1
us0241-01 How Green Was My LettuceStory1/4

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